Turn any camera into smart analytics tool

Camlytics combines camera monitoring, surveillance and space analytics solutions.

Connect your existing private network camera system and get instant real-time statistics on people counting, vehicle counting, location occupancy, queues, heatmaps and more.

The most cost-efficient counting & VMS software on the market.

Connect any video source

Camlytics does not require any specific hardware.

You can connect any video source - IP camera, webcam, NVR or even a video file. Resolution does not matter, 360p is even better!

Video analytics is done on-premises: our cloud will not have access to your video streams, resulting in almost zero impact on bandwidth and data privacy.

People counting

Count people in multiple locations, monitor real-time space occupancy and analyze trends.

Comply with safety and Covid-19 regulations via digital occupancy signage.

people counting
car counting

Vehicle counting

Count vehicles and detect speed data from your video streams. Measure parking time. Detect vehicle class: car, van, truck, bus, bike.

Build all kinds of statistics

Collect your camera counting events metadata across many locations on Camlytics Cloud to build statistical reports and charts fully customized for your business.

Full privacy, ultra-low bandwidth usage!

people counting statistics
camera software integration

Integrations and partners friendly

All kinds of partners are welcome to collaborate.

We will provide tools for integration with your software or customization for your business needs (like API or webhooks for camera events).

We have an affiliate program with hefty sales commissions.

White label solutions for partners

Want to add our software to your solutions portfolio? We can brand our cloud and desktop software uniquely for your business.
camera software white label
camera data privacy

Made with respect for privacy

Camlytics performs video stream processing locally on your machine.

All your private camera recordings and sensitive data never leaves your premises.

Camlytics Cloud uses zero knowledge technology to transfer and store only anonymous text metadata on cloud servers.

What industries use our product?

Retail & public spaces

Retailers gain many insights from counting customers. With accurate figures for sales conversion rate, dwell times, queueing times, popular store areas and other indicators, retail managers take informed steps to improve sales. Camlytics current occupancy feature allows tracking number of in-store visitors in real time regardless of the size of the store.


With it's advanced car counting technology and classification companies receive unique data from bare video streams - traffic flows and direction, speeding, parking occupancy and duration and more. Camlytics allows classification between pedestrians/bikes/cars/vans/trucks/buses for any video based event.

Audience intelligence

Many OOH companies use Camlytics as audience & campaign intelligence platform for Digital Signage and DOOH, helping marketers drive engagement and sales. We help brands and agencies create contextual experiences that are targeted, interactive and intelligent.

Get the most valuable data from your video streams!