For Home Use

Free recording of unlimited cameras (including webcams, IP, CCTV, NVR, DVR) makes Camlytics an ideal solution for budget home surveillance system. No internet connection required, works completely offline!

For Your Business

Camlytics can count people, cars, detect motion, build heat maps and much more, boosting efficiency of your camera system to the highest level. Plus we don't store any camera data / events on our servers, your privacy is fully protected. Also works with video archives.

For Integrators & Developers

We provide simple API and webhooks for all real time camera events (Motion detected, Line crossed, Tailgating, etc.) which allows using Camlytics with any 3rd party software.

  • Free people counting software

    Store entrance counting Demo

    Example of object counting in complex conditions of mall entrance: rough light changes, many obstructions (automatic doors). Despite that obstacles, precision in this demo is around 95% due to overhead camera positioning.

  • Free car counting software

    Street surveillance Demo

    Example with faraway camera and rough conditions - constant light changes, car lights glares and angle camera. As can be seen, cars and people are still reliably detected, tracked and counted.

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