Camlytics ver.2.1.3

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Release log

07.08.2018 Version 2.1.3 Added events webhooks. Bug fixes.

06.01.2018 Version 2.1.2 Added new fields to events: Timestamp, VideoFileTime, VideoFileName. Added possibility to remove events. Bug fixes. Updated FFMPEG.

04.03.2018 Version 2.1.1 Significant performance improvements. Added 'Video folder' channel type. Updated FFMPEG.

12.28.2017 Version 2.0.1 Added human/vehicle classifier. Updated events and API fields. Disabled deprecated API. Fixed chinese language. Fixed bugs.

09.26.2017 Version 1.2.9 Added heatmap plans. Added aggregated daily channel events reports.

05.09.2017 Version 1.2.8 Fixed video playback for some video sources.

04.29.2017 Version 1.2.7 Added Video File channel source. Extended heatmap settings. Fixed bugs in archive, playback.

11.07.2016 Version 1.2.6 Added more streaming settings. Fixed minimization bug.

11.01.2016 Version 1.2.5 Added TCP & UDP streaming options. TCP is default.

10.31.2016 Version 1.2.4 Fixed app minimization issue. Rolled back to stable ffmpeg 3.1.5

10.08.2016 Version 1.2.3 Added Danish language. Extended REST API for channels. Updated FFMPEG. Fixed Camera Wizard bugs.

06.27.2016 Version 1.2.2 Fixed camera discovery issue.

06.27.2016 Version 1.2.1 Added new REST API. Updated FFMPEG. Fixed usage stats exception.

02.15.2016 Version 1.1.11 Fixed h264 streams reconnect. Added more analysis profiles.

01.22.2016 Version 1.1.9 Fixed limited events DB size. Updated FFMPEG.

12.12.2015 Version 1.1.8 Extended Camera Wizard for more camera models.

10.27.2015 Version 1.1.7 Added heatmap auto saving. Updated FFMPEG. Sample camera events add-in enabled by default.

09.09.2015 Version 1.1.6 Fixes statistics bugs. Updated FFMPEG. Added camera events totals to .csv export. Updated OpenSSL.

06.17.2015 Version 1.1.5 Added Spanish language.

06.17.2015 Version 1.1.4 Added minimized tray mode.

05.22.2015 Version 1.1.3 Fixed motion events.

05.12.2015 Version 1.1.1 Fixed license reset problem. Fixed camera events snapshots in emails.

03.06.2015 Version 1.1.0 Fixed RTSP authorization bug. Added Turkish language.

12.09.2014 Version 1.0.8 Added Camera Wizard. Added Network Browser. Added camera link validation. Fixed Trial license issue.

10.06.2014 Version 1.0.7 API for camera events introduced. Redesigned Calibration/Lines/Zones. Bug fixes.

08.15.2014 Version 1.0.6 Added snapshots to email. Added new camera wizard. Added Media dir. A LOT of bug fixes.

07.05.2014 Version 1.0.5 Added performance balancing. Added default motion detector.

06.16.2014 Version 1.0.4 Fixed Sql database bug. Optimized webcams performance.

06.06.2014 Version 1.0.3 New version of video archive player. Fixed shutdown bugs.

05.23.2014 Version 1.0.2 Added feedback form. Fixed issues with rule ids, event names.

05.11.2014 Version 1.0.0 Initial version. Multicamera recording, analytics, events, alerts, floormaps.