What is Camlytics Cloud?

Camlytics Cloud is a cloud-based data analytics service that aggregates the events collected from your IP/CCTV/web cameras and provides you with in-depth event statistics of your business locations. Camlytics Cloud connects to the Camlytics Light desktop application which is made for a local direct connection to your cameras and video stream processing. Collected metadata is sent in a compact and anonymous form to the cloud server for further analysis and display. You can connect and manage an unlimited number of locations and cameras on your cloud account.

Some of the common metrics for analytics are visitor traffic estimation, visitor heatmaps, workplace time monitoring, premises occupancy monitoring, queues monitoring, and many others.

To start using the service, you must have at least one installed desktop application with cameras connected to it. The desktop application would work with any kind of CCTV/IP/web camera model or brand. The application would collect all events taking place in the field of view of your cameras – for example, Line crossed, Motion started, Zone enter, etc. All events are in a text form and completely anonymous. Read more about setting up cameras and event triggers here.

You can connect any number of cameras to Camlytics Cloud regardless of their location.

A variety of report types are provided to you which allow the display and analysis of collected data in a custom and convenient way.

To start, just install our desktop application at your locations and connect & calibrate the cameras of your video surveillance system. After that, you will enjoy the ability to view and evaluate the statistics of all your business locations in one place.