Live occupancy monitoring & compliance solution

  • Deploy on already installed IP/web cameras
  • Entirely software solution
  • Estimate location occupancy automatically in real-time
  • Show your visitors when entrance is prohibited
  • Comply with maximum visitors regulations
  • Ultra low-cost solution
  • Digital signage display compatible

Camlytics Service software offers a very cost-efficient way to accurately estimate and manage occupancy levels on your business premises. This valuable data can allow you to enhance visitors experience, increase your operational efficiency, and comply with government regulations. The best part is that Camlytics people traffic counting will work with your existing IP camera system and multiple entrances and exits covered with multiple cameras are supported.

Below you can see the live widget example that is embeddable into your own website, i.e. you can show your own occupancy on your own website with just a couple of clicks.


Visitors information

You can notify your visitors if your premises have reached the full capacity with simple automatic messages. Our real time widget is suitable for any public display or screen, it can also be embedded into your own dashboard. With Camlytics you can comply by connecting your existing IP camera system to Camlytics and setting up alerts or webhooks when your current occupancy exceeds the maximum value.

Camera support 

Camlytics occupancy estimator does not require any specific camera model. You can even use any budget webcam to get started! The only requirement for the IP cameras is the support of RTSP streaming. ONVIF support is preferable but not mandatory. Low resolution cameras are even better for performance!


Respond to your visitor flow 

Camlytics occupancy estimator provides real-time data on how many people are present in your location or in a certain area at a certain time. This insight can help you understand visitor flow and occupancy trends so you can improve how space is used, get an indication of the revenue opportunity, optimize workforce planning and opening hours and take measures if occupancy exceeds your set threshold. 

React to overcrowding instantly 

Set up instant alerts that trigger when a predefined capacity is reached. You can choose between the sign, email, and webhook. Webhook option is great when you want some custom action to take place when there is an overcapacity - init an alarm, display alert on a screen, close entrance, notify an operator, etc.


How your data is stored

You can opt for local counting data storage as well as for the cloud storage on our servers. Cloud storage is for text metadata only and is absolutely anonymous so your security is protected. With the cloud solution you can analyze individual sites, quickly compare performance across different locations and if necessary, take actions to improve your business. This insight can help you measure demand, understand the impact of campaigns, or which areas are most popular with your visitors. You can synchronize multiple locations and add additional cameras anytime. The application is locally configured and monitored remotely through our Camlytics Cloud portal. 

Data retrieval options

You can retrieve the real-time counting results in many ways:

  • Cloud webpage
  • Email when there is limit exceeded
  • Webhooks (every minute with current occupancy)
  • Widget with live data (HTML code embeds in your website/solution and shows the real-time data)
  • You own custom way!

Fully branded for your company

If you are an integrator or solution provider we can brand the cloud portal with your company name and logo. A dedicated URL with your company name will also be assigned. Refer to our Partners page for more info.

Demo account

See the live demo here (click on Demo account):

To start counting people and estimating occupancy just download the Camlytics Service software. You will have 2 channels available for free for 7 days of trial.

If you have any questions, concerns or if you want to start using our solution with your camera system please let us know.

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Other solutions

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All Camlytics products support events API and webhooks (you can receive such events, as Line crossed, Zone joined, Motion started, etc.) which is helpful for any custom integration.

Check out our YouTube channel which has plenty of real-life video analytics demos.

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