Vehicle counting solution

Vehicle counting solution is an offline video analytics software for auditing how many vehicles enter, exit or stay at parking, garage, facility or other premises. Analyze motion in zones where sensor based solutions are useless (streets or open spaces). With a high ROI and a very fast payback time, our solution is used by transportation, engineering and other organizations.

No extra hardware installation, devices, sensors, or specific surveillance camera models required.

Vehicle counting and vehicle type classification is one of the most popular use cases for Camlytics camera software. Counting and differentiation can be done in any video stream (webcam, IP CCTV camera, NVR, files) for all classes of vehicles: car, bus, bike, van, truck.

You can even connect a webcam or run analytics on a pre-recorded video files (with Camlytics Single product).

highway car counting

The best possible accuracy is achieved when the camera is installed so that the moving vehicles do not overlap each other significantly and video analytics can segment the scene correctly. Camlytics vehicle detector works in all conditions with normal visibility.

If you plan to use analytics with extreme visual conditions, like heavy rains, night, etc., you can use the thermal camera. In all other cases Camlytics detector will detect and track vehicles normally regardless of the camera lens or installation angle.

Camlytics has extensive capability to work with zones - this is useful for analyzing parking spaces or drive-throughs occupancy. You can display current zone occupancy, estimate how long vehicles tend to stay in a zone, how many vehicles on average are in a zone, etc. You can visualize any such distribution in a custom cloud reports.
parking detector camera
vehicle pedestrian classifier
Another great feature of Camlytics is the ability to distinguish between pedestrians and vehicles - every analytics event will have the origin property which will help to define whether human or vehicle caused the event, for example crossed a line or entered a zone. After that, you can utilize that data in your reports to get a better understanding of analyzed scene.

All Camlytics products support events API and webhooks (you can receive such events, as Line crossed, Zone joined, Motion started, etc.) which is helpful for any custom integration.

Keep in mind that you can also measure vehicle speed by putting two lines in a scene and measuring distance between them.

If you are looking for the software for people counting, retail counting, locations occupancy, occupancy signage, you can refer to the corresponding Camlytics solution.

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