Camlytics Partners

Camlytics loves partnering up with other companies. It doesn't matter if you are a solution provider, systems integrator, security provider, hardware supplier or just a business looking to add new awesome software product to your portfolio and extend your services spectrum - we will find a way to collaborate!

White label

Camlytics has a lot of experience in branding it's solutions for all kinds of businesses. Both Single and Service products are available for white label. Here is the list of what is affected by branding:
  • Desktop application for all solutions
  • Web portal for Service solution. The branded portal demo is available upon request
  • Custom dedicated subdomain or domain for Service solution
  • Icons, logo, title, splash image, website, contacts

We also guarantee that there will be no reference to the original Camlytics brand anywhere in the final branded product.


In general, the white label is free, but we require aparticular minimum commitment in regard to purchased licenses:

  • Single solution: 7 licenses (licenses are usable with both branded and non-branded versions)
  • Service solution: 7 channels with annual plan (channels are transferable to client accounts)


Custom installer and web portal are provided within 5 business days after signing up.


There are two billing models that we support:

  • You collect payments from your clients. In this scenario we will bill your account the aggregate amount.
  • We bill your clients directly. In this scenario we will issue you the commission payment every month.

In both scenarios you define the pricing for your clients yourself. We just collect our standard amount per channel/license.

Client's permissions

You can read more about editing your client's access permissions, visibility, settings, etc. in the help section.

Affiliate program

If you are a camera installation company, a web site owner or anyone who wants to add Camlytics to the list of recommended services or mention Camlytics in an article, a blog post, or anywhere else, you can partner as an affiliate with us and receive a commission for every referred user.

How it works?

  1. You create an account on our website and contact us with information on how you plan to promote Camlytics products
  2. We provide you with an affiliate link and share access to the referrals report
  3. You receive 20% recurring commission for every referral!

Custom integration

If you have your own solution and you would like a custom integartion with our desktop or cloud apps to receive analytical events via API or webhooks and you see that our interface is missing something, or if you want deeper integration or customization, please let us know.

Get in touch with us for any partnership inquiry