Live occupancy monitoring solution for COVID-19

Setup your Tp-link IP camera

There are two connection options in Camlytics smart camera software for Windows PC to login and view your Tp-link IP camera. Those are automatic ONVIF discovery (you'll see your camera in our software) and manual discovery (without camera website).

If you cannot find your Tp-link CCTV camera in the left section or it isn't working with Camlytics software app, click "Manual" in Discovery section to setup your Tp-link cameras with direct RTSP or HTTP stream URL.

Tp-link compatible software

You can connect Tp-link to Camlytics to add the following video analytics capabilities to your camera:

  • people counter
  • customer counter
  • car & vehicle counting
  • calculate speed
  • occupancy monitoring
  • retail store traffic counter
  • motion detection & alerts
  • tailgating security
Model Protocol Path Port
SC-3220N http:// video.mjpg 80
SC-32230 rtsp:// /media.amp 554
SC-32230 rtsp:// /11 554
SC3230 http:// jpg/image.jpg?size=3 80
SC3230 http:// video.mjpg 80
SC3230 http:// axis-cgi/mjpg/video.cgi 80
SC3230 http:// video.cgi?resolution=[WIDTH]x[HEIGHT] 80
SC3230 http:// video.cgi?resolution=VGA 80
SC3230 rtsp:// 554
SC-3230 rtsp:// /video.mp4 554
SC-3230 rtsp:// live.sdp 554
SC-3230 http:// /axis-cgi/mjpg/video.cgi 80
SC-3230 http:// cgi-bin/net_video.cgi?channel=[CHANNEL] 80
SC-3230 rtsp:// cam[CHANNEL]/h264 554
SC-3230 rtsp:// /media.amp 554
SC-3230N rtsp:// /media.amp 554
SC-3230N rtsp:// /video.h264 554
SC-3230N http:// jpg/image.jpg?size=3 80
SC-3230N http:// axis-cgi/jpg/image.cgi?date=1&clock=1&camera=[CHANNEL]&resolution=[WIDTH]x[HEIGHT] 80
SC-3230N http:// /axis-cgi/mjpg/video.cgi 80
SC-3230N rtsp:// live.sdp 554
SC-3230N rtsp:// 554
SC-3230N http:// cgi-bin/net_video.cgi?channel=[CHANNEL] 80
SC-3230N rtsp:// cam[CHANNEL]/h264 554
SC-3230N rtsp:// /11 554
SC-3230N http:// jpg/image.jpg 80
SC-3230N http:// /video.mp4 80
SC-3430 rtsp:// /video.h264 554
SC-3430 rtsp:// /video.mp4 554
SC-3430 http:// jpg/image.jpg?size=3 80
SC-3430 http:// cgi-bin/jpg/image 80
SC-3430 http:// jpg/image.jpg 80
SC-3430 http:// video.mjpg 80
SC-3430 http:// video.mjpg?q=30&fps=33&id=0.5 80
SC-3430n rtsp:// /video.h264 554
SC-3430n http:// jpg/image.jpg 80
SC-3741 http:// jpg/image.jpg 80
SC-3741 http:// jpg/image.jpg?size=3 80
SC-4171G rtsp:// video.mp4 554
SC-4171G rtsp:// /video.mp4 554
SC-4171G http:// jpg/image.jpg 80
SC-4171G http:// cgi-bin/jpg/image 80
SC-4171G http:// /video.mp4 80
SC-4171G-2 rtsp:// /video.mp4 554
TL-2020 http:// jpg/image.jpg 80
TL-IP551W http:// video.cgi?resolution=VGA 80
TL-IP551W http:// video.mjpg?q=30&fps=33&id=0.5 80
TL-MR2020 http:// video.mjpg 80
TL-NC230 rtsp:// /h264_hd.sdp 554
TL-SC http:// cgi-bin/view/image?pro_[CHANNEL] 80
TLSC-2020 rtsp:// /video.mjpg 554
TLSC-2020 http:// cgi-bin/view/image?pro_[CHANNEL] 80
TLSC-2020 http:// cgi-bin/jpg/image 80
TLSC-2020 http:// jpg/image.jpg?size=3 80
TLSC-2020 http:// jpg/image.jpg 80
TLSC-2020 http:// video.mjpg?q=30&fps=33&id=0.5 80
TLSC-2020 http:// video.mjpg 80
TLSC-2020 rtsp:// /video.h264 554
TLSC-2020N http:// jpg/image.jpg?size=3 80
TLSC-2020N http:// video.mjpg 80
TLSC-2020N rtsp:// /video.mp4 554
TLSC-2020N http:// cgi-bin/jpg/image 80
TLSC-2020N http:// video.mjpg?q=30&fps=33&id=0.5 80
TLSC-3020N http:// axis-cgi/jpg/image.cgi?date=1&clock=1&camera=[CHANNEL]&resolution=[WIDTH]x[HEIGHT] 80
TLSC-3020N rtsp:// live.sdp 554
TLSC-3020N http:// cgi-bin/net_video.cgi?channel=[CHANNEL] 80
TLSC-3020N http:// /video.mp4 80
tlsc31 rtsp:// /video.pro2 554
TLSC-31 http:// /video.mp4 80
TLSC-3130 http:// jpg/image.jpg?size=3 80
TLSC-3130 rtsp:// /video.mp4 554
TLSC-3130 http:// cgi-bin/view/image?pro_[CHANNEL] 80
TLSC-3130 http:// cgi-bin/jpg/image 80
TLSC-3130 http:// jpg/image.jpg 80
TLSC-3130 rtsp:// video.mp4 554
TLSC-3130 http:// cgi-bin/net_video.cgi?channel=[CHANNEL] 80
TLSC-3130 http:// videostream.cgi?resolution=8&rate=13 80
TLSC-3130 http:// live/mjpeg 80
TLSC-3130 http:// video.mjpg 80
TLSC-3130 http:// videostream.cgi 80
TLSC-3130 http:// video.mjpg?q=30&fps=33&id=0.5 80
TLSC-3130 http:// /video.mp4 80
TLSC-3130g http:// jpg/image.jpg?size=3 80
TLSC-3130G http:// video.mjpg 80
TLSC-3130G rtsp:// /video.mp4 554
TLSC-3130G http:// cgi-bin/view/image?pro_[CHANNEL] 80
TLSC-3130G rtsp:// video.mp4 554
TLSC-3130G http:// jpg/image.jpg 80
TLSC-3130G http:// live/mjpeg 80
TLSC-3130G http:// cgi-bin/jpg/image 80
TLSC-3130G http:// /video.mp4 80
TL-SC3130G V1 http:// jpg/image.jpg?size=3 80
TLSC-3130PC http:// cgi-bin/jpg/image 80
TLSC-3137G rtsp:// /video.mjpg 554
TLSC-3137G http:// axis-cgi/mjpg/video.cgi 80
TL-SC3170G rtsp:// /video.pro1 554
TLSC-3171 http:// jpg/image.jpg?size=3 80
TLSC-3171 http:// jpg/image.jpg 80
TLSC-3171 rtsp:// /video.mp4 554
TLSC-3171 rtsp:// /video.pro2 554

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