Live occupancy monitoring solution for COVID-19

Setup your Vstarcam IP camera

There are two connection options in Camlytics smart camera software for Windows PC to login and view your Vstarcam IP camera. Those are automatic ONVIF discovery (you'll see your camera in our software) and manual discovery (without camera website).

If you cannot find your Vstarcam CCTV camera in the left section or it isn't working with Camlytics software app, click "Manual" in Discovery section to setup your Vstarcam cameras with direct RTSP or HTTP stream URL.

Vstarcam compatible software

You can connect Vstarcam to Camlytics to add the following video analytics capabilities to your camera:

  • people counter
  • customer counter
  • car & vehicle counting
  • calculate speed
  • occupancy monitoring
  • retail store traffic counter
  • motion detection & alerts
  • tailgating security
Model Protocol Path Port
comspot rtsp:// /tcp/av0_0 10554
CP782WIP rtsp:// /tcp/av0_1 10554
CS -1 rtsp:// /tcp/av0_0 10554
DATHOME1 rtsp:// /tcp/av0_0 10554
Daves rtsp:// /tcp/av0_0 10554
e38s rtsp:// /tcp/av0_0 554
escam rtsp:// /tcp/av0_0 10554
Escam QF100 rtsp:// /tcp/av0_0 10554
eye4 rtsp:// /tcp/av0_1 10554
Eye4 rtsp:// /tcp/av0_0 10554
EYE4 http:// tmpfs/auto.jpg 10554
EYE4 http:// videostream.cgi?usr=[USERNAME]&pwd=[PASSWORD] 10554
EYE4 http:// videostream.cgi?user=[USERNAME]&pwd=[PASSWORD] 10554
EYE4 http:// snapshot.cgi?user=[USERNAME]&pwd=[PASSWORD] 81
Eye4 C1 rtsp:// /tcp/av0_0 10554
EYE4 C1 http:// img/snapshot.cgi?size=3 81
f24s http:// videostream.cgi?user=[USERNAME]&pwd=[PASSWORD]&resolution=32&rate=0 10554
f628 http:// videostream.asf 80
f6836w http:// videostream.asf 80
F-6836W http:// videostream.asf?user=[USERNAME]&pwd=[PASSWORD]&resolution=64&rate=0 80
F-6836W http:// videostream.asf?user=[USERNAME]&pwd=[PASSWORD]&resolution=[WIDTH]x[HEIGHT] 80
F-6836W http:// videostream.asf?user=[USERNAME]&pwd=[PASSWORD]&resolution=32&rate=0 80
F-6836W http:// videostream.asf?usr=[USERNAME]&pwd=[PASSWORD] 80
F-6836W http:// videostream.cgi?resolution=8&rate=13 80
F-6836W http:// snapshot.cgi 80
F-6836W http:// video.cgi 80
F-6836W http:// videostream.cgi?usr=[USERNAME]&pwd=[PASSWORD] 80
F-6836W http:// videostream.cgi?user=[USERNAME]&pwd=[PASSWORD] 80
F-6836W http:// videostream.cgi?user=[USERNAME]&pwd=[PASSWORD]&resolution=32&rate=0 80
F-6836W http:// videostream.cgi?user=[USERNAME]&password=[PASSWORD] 80
f8815w ip cam http:// videostream.asf?user=[USERNAME]&pwd=[PASSWORD] 80
H6515WI http:// cgi-bin/snapshot.cgi?loginuse=[USERNAME]&loginpas=[PASSWORD] 80
H-6812IP rtsp:// H264 554
H-6837WI http:// cgi/snapshot.cgi?action=getdata&channel.[CHANNEL].capture=true&channel.[CHANNEL].resolution=1 80
H-6837WI http:// cgi-bin/snapshot.cgi?loginuse=[USERNAME]&loginpas=[PASSWORD] 80
H-6837WI http:// videostream.cgi?user=[USERNAME]&pwd=[PASSWORD] 80
H-6837WI http:// videostream.cgi?usr=[USERNAME]&pwd=[PASSWORD] 80
H-6837WI rtsp:// H264 554
H-6837WI http:// videostream.asf?user=[USERNAME]&pwd=[PASSWORD]&resolution=64&rate=0 80
H6837WIP http:// snapshot.cgi?user=[USERNAME]&pwd=[PASSWORD] 81
H-6837WIP http:// videostream.asf?user=[USERNAME]&pwd=[PASSWORD]&resolution=64&rate=0 80
H-6837WIP http:// videostream.asf 80
H-6837WIP http:// cgi-bin/snapshot.cgi?1 80
H-6837WIP http:// cgi-bin/snapshot.cgi?loginuse=[USERNAME]&loginpas=[PASSWORD] 80
H-6837WIP http:// videostream.cgi?user=[USERNAME]&pwd=[PASSWORD] 80
H-6837WIP http:// videostream.cgi?rate=0&user=[USERNAME]&pwd=[PASSWORD] 80
H-6837WIP http:// videostream.cgi?rate=11 80
H-6837WIP rtsp:// H264 554
H-6850 http:// videostream.cgi?user=[USERNAME]&pwd=[PASSWORD]&resolution=32 80
H-6850wip http:// videostream.cgi?user=[USERNAME]&pwd=[PASSWORD] 80
H-6850WIP http:// videostream.cgi?user=[USERNAME]&pwd=[PASSWORD]&resolution=32 80
H-6850WIP http:// videostream.cgi?usr=[USERNAME]&pwd=[PASSWORD] 80
hdcam rtsp:// /tcp/av0_0 10554
HI03518E rtsp:// /tcp/av0_0 10554
HI03518E rtsp:// /user=admin_password=tlJwpbo6_channel=1_stream=0.sdp 554
HI3518E rtsp:// /tcp/av0_0 10554
HI3518E rtsp:// /tcp/av0_0 5500
HI3518E rtsp:// /tcp/av0_1 5500
HI3518E rtsp:// /tcp/av0_1 10554
HI3518E http:// user/videostream.cgi 10554
hi6815wi_2 http:// cgi-bin/snapshot.cgi?loginuse=[USERNAME]&loginpas=[PASSWORD] 80
Home rtsp:// /tcp/av0_0 10554
Icam-608 rtsp:// /tcp/av0_0 10554
ICAM-608 http:// videostream.cgi?user=[USERNAME]&pwd=[PASSWORD] 10554
Innovations rtsp:// /tcp/av0_0 10554
ip001 rtsp:// /tcp/av0_0 10554
Kar1315 http:// img/snapshot.cgi?size=2 80
Ko-Op rtsp:// /tcp/av0_0 10554
lollandia rtsp:// /tcp/av0_0 10554
Miley rtsp:// /tcp/av0_0 10554
mio rtsp:// /tcp/av0_0 10054
MP#1 rtsp:// /tcp/av0_0 10554
Onvif rtsp:// /tcp/av0_1 10554
ONVIF http:// cgi/snapshot.cgi?action=getdata&channel.[CHANNEL].capture=true&channel.[CHANNEL].resolution=1 10554
Other http:// videostream.cgi?user=[USERNAME]&pwd=[PASSWORD]&resolution=32&rate=0 80
Other http:// videostream.asf?user=[USERNAME]&pwd=[PASSWORD] 80
Other http:// videostream.cgi?user=[USERNAME]&pwd=[PASSWORD] 80
Other http:// videostream.asf?user=[USERNAME]&pwd=[PASSWORD]&resolution=[WIDTH]x[HEIGHT] 80
Other http:// videostream.asf 80
Other http:// videostream.asf?user=[USERNAME]&pwd=[PASSWORD]&resolution=64&rate=0 80
Other http:// tmpfs/auto.jpg 80
Other http:// cgi-bin/snapshot.cgi?loginuse=[USERNAME]&loginpas=[PASSWORD] 80
Other http:// videostream.cgi?rate=0&user=[USERNAME]&pwd=[PASSWORD] 80
Other http:// snapshot.cgi 80
Other http:// cgi/snapshot.cgi?action=getdata&channel.[CHANNEL].capture=true&channel.[CHANNEL].resolution=1 80
Other http:// snapshot.cgi?user=[USERNAME]&pwd=[PASSWORD] 80
Other http:// img/snapshot.cgi?size=2 80
Other http:// videostream.cgi?user=[USERNAME]&pwd=[PASSWORD]&resolution=32 80
Other http:// videostream.cgi?usr=[USERNAME]&pwd=[PASSWORD] 80
Other http:// videostream.cgi 80
Other http:// cgi-bin/sf.cgi 80
Other http:// cgi/mjpg/mjpeg.cgi 80
Other http:// videostream.cgi?user=[USERNAME]&password=[PASSWORD] 80
Other http:// user/videostream.cgi 80
Other rtsp:// cam/realmonitor?channel=[CHANNEL]&subtype=00 554
Other rtsp:// cam1/mpeg4 554
Other http:// videostream.cgi?rate=0 80
Other http:// snapshot.jpg?user=[USERNAME]&pwd=[PASSWORD] 80
Other rtsp:// /udp/av0_0 554
Other rtsp:// /tcp/av0_0 10554

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