One of the most popular use cases for Camlytics camera software is counting various objects in a video stream (webcam, ip cctv camera, nvr, files), especially people (pedestrians, store visitors, etc.). It can be a grocery store, mall, parking lot, street, you name it - people counting is useful everywhere.

video people counting demo

Very often you need to detect only people walking through special direction - this can be done easily by setting up a tripwire with appropriate direction activated.

For best possible counting precision it's recommended to use overhead cameras that are installed on the ceiling and looking vertically down. In this case moving objects (people) will not overlap each other in a camera view so the proper tracking separation will be possible thus improving counting results.

video retail counting

It is also important to keep in mind that proper calibration of Camlytics software is essential for proper object tracking, especially with overhead camera. You can read more on calibration in the documentation. You can see the properly calibrated video scene in the image below - moving green frames are mostly the same size as the people.

camera retail counting

Also do not forget that you can send all video people counting events to emails via single alerts or as daily aggregated reports. Developers and integrators can customize the counting events output - send them to custom server, database, UI, etc via convenient and simple Camera Events API.

Don't forget that you can run video analytics (people counting) on pre-recorded video files and folders and get huge batches of files processed unattended.

Also check out our YouTube channel which has plenty of real life video analysis demos.