Live occupancy monitoring solution for COVID-19

Setup your Rocam IP camera

There are two connection options in Camlytics smart camera software for Windows PC to login and view your Rocam IP camera. Those are automatic discovery (you'll see your camera in our software) and manual discovery (without camera website).

If you cannot find your Rocam CCTV camera in the left section or it isn't working with Camlytics software app, click "Manual" in Discovery section to setup your Rocam cameras with direct RTSP or HTTP stream URL.

Rocam compatible software

You can connect Rocam to Camlytics to add the following video analytics capabilities to your camera:

  • people counter
  • customer counter
  • car & vehicle counting
  • calculate speed
  • occupancy monitoring
  • retail store traffic counter
  • motion detection & alerts
  • tailgating security
Model Protocol Path Port
M-200HD http:// videostream.cgi?rate=11 80
nc300 http:// videostream.cgi?rate=11 80
NC300 http:// videostream.cgi? 80
NC300 http:// snapshot.cgi 80
NC300 http:// img/snapshot.cgi?size=2 80
NC300 http:// videostream.cgi?user=[USERNAME]&pwd=[PASSWORD]&resolution=32&rate=0 80
NC300 http:// snap.jpg?JpegCam=[CHANNEL] 80
NC300 http:// snapshot.cgi?user=[USERNAME]&pwd=[PASSWORD] 80
NC300-1 http:// videostream.cgi?rate=0&user=[USERNAME]&pwd=[PASSWORD] 80
nc360 rtsp:// /11 554
nc360 http:// snap.jpg?JpegCam=[CHANNEL] 80
NC360 http:// tmpfs/auto.jpg 80
NC360 http:// iphone/11?[USERNAME]:[PASSWORD]& 80
NC-400 http:// snapshot.cgi 80
NC-400 http:// img/snapshot.cgi?size=2 80
NC-400 http:// snapshot.cgi?user=[USERNAME]&pwd=[PASSWORD] 80
NC-400 http:// videostream.cgi 80
NC-400 http:// videostream.cgi? 80
NC-400 http:// videostream.cgi?user=[USERNAME]&pwd=[PASSWORD]&resolution=32 80
NC-400 http:// videostream.cgi?rate=11 80
NC-400 http:// videostream.cgi?rate=0 80
NC-400 http:// videostream.cgi?usr=[USERNAME]&pwd=[PASSWORD] 80
NC-400hd http:// img/snapshot.cgi?size=2 80
NC-400hd http:// videostream.cgi 80
NC-400HD http:// snapshot.cgi 80
NC-500 rtsp:// /0 554
NC-500 http:// cgi/snapshot.cgi?action=getdata&channel.[CHANNEL].capture=true&channel.[CHANNEL].resolution=1 80
NC-500 http:// snapshot.cgi?user=[USERNAME]&pwd=[PASSWORD] 80
NC-500 http:// videostream.cgi?user=[USERNAME]&pwd=[PASSWORD]&resolution=32 80
NC-500 http:// img/snapshot.cgi?size=2 80
NC-500HD rtsp:// /0 554
NC-500HD http:// cgi/snapshot.cgi?action=getdata&channel.[CHANNEL].capture=true&channel.[CHANNEL].resolution=1 80
NC-500HD http:// videostream.cgi?rate=11 80
NC-500HD http:// img/snapshot.cgi?size=2 80
nch001 rtsp:// cam1/mpeg4 554
nhc002 rtsp:// cam1/mpeg4 554
Other http:// img/snapshot.cgi?size=2 80
Other http:// videostream.cgi?rate=11 80
Other http:// videostream.cgi?usr=[USERNAME]&pwd=[PASSWORD] 80
Other http:// videostream.cgi 80
Other rtsp:// /0 554
Other rtsp:// /11 554
Other http:// snap.jpg?JpegCam=[CHANNEL] 80
PTZ http:// videostream.cgi?usr=[USERNAME]&pwd=[PASSWORD] 80
PTZ http:// tmpfs/auto.jpg 80

Other manufacturers starting with R

R Rainbow Ralink Raspberry Pi Raster Ratingsecu Raycam Raylios Raynic Raysharp Realm Realtek Redleaf Security Reel Tech Relicam Reolink Repotec Reticam Revo Revotech Rfid Poker Table Rhinoco Ribbon Rifatron Rimax Ring Risco Riva-flex Rivatech Riwyth Robocam Rocam Rohs Roline Rollei Romai Romi Rosewill Roswill Rovio Royal R-tech Rtt Rtx Rua Runyan Gate Rvi Rvi-cctv RIVA

All manufacturers

Camlytics has no affiliation, connection, or association with Rocam products. The connection links can be incomplete, inaccurate or both. We provide no warranty that you will successfully connect using these URLs or that Rocam products are compatible with Camlytics.