Live occupancy monitoring solution for COVID-19

Setup your Geovision IP camera

There are two connection options in Camlytics smart camera software for Windows PC to login and view your Geovision IP camera. Those are automatic discovery (you'll see your camera in our software) and manual discovery (without camera website).

If you cannot find your Geovision CCTV camera in the left section or it isn't working with Camlytics software app, click "Manual" in Discovery section to setup your Geovision cameras with direct RTSP or HTTP stream URL.

Geovision compatible software

You can connect Geovision to Camlytics to add the following video analytics capabilities to your camera:

  • people counter
  • customer counter
  • car & vehicle counting
  • calculate speed
  • occupancy monitoring
  • retail store traffic counter
  • motion detection & alerts
  • tailgating security
Model Protocol Path Port
1 rtsp:// /CH002.sdp 554
1.3 MP rtsp:// /CH001.sdp 8554
1220 rtsp:// /CH001.sdp 554
1224 rtsp:// /CH001.sdp 554
192168212 rtsp:// /CH001.sdp 8554
200s http:// cgi-bin/jpg/image.cgi 80
2401 rtsp:// /CH001.sdp 554
3402 rtsp:// /CH002.sdp 8554
360_Fish rtsp:// /CH001.sdp 554
3600 http:// snapshot/view[CHANNEL].jpg 80
3600 http:// img/snapshot.cgi?size=2 80
3601 http:// snapshot/view[CHANNEL].jpg 80
6.0 http:// cam[CHANNEL].jpg 80
6.0 rtsp:// CH00[CHANNEL].sdp 554
6.0 rtsp:// /CH001.sdp 8554
7.02 http:// cam[CHANNEL].jpg 80
7.02 rtsp:// CH00[CHANNEL].sdp 554
8.x http:// [USERNAME]/cam[CHANNEL].jpg 80
8.X http:// GetImage.cgi 80
8.X http:// cgi-bin/getimage 80
8.X rtsp:// CH00[CHANNEL].sdp 554
ABD1300 rtsp:// /media/video1 554
ABD1300 rtsp:// /CH002.sdp 554
ADR1300 rtsp:// /CH002.sdp 554
Assembly rtsp:// /CH001.sdp 8554
BL110 rtsp:// /CH001.sdp 554
BL110 rtsp:// /CH002.sdp 8554
BL1300 rtsp:// /CH001.sdp 8554
BL-2400 rtsp:// /CH001.sdp 8554
bl2410 rtsp:// /CH001.sdp 8554
BL320 rtsp:// /CH002.sdp 554
BL-5310 rtsp:// /CH001.sdp 554
Box Camear rtsp:// /CH001.sdp 554
bx130d rtsp:// /CH001.sdp 8554
bx2400 http:// snapshot/view[CHANNEL].jpg 80
BX2700 rtsp:// /CH002.sdp 554
BX520D rtsp:// /CH001.sdp 554
BX5300 rtsp:// /CH001.sdp 8554
cam 201 rtsp:// /CH001.sdp 8554
cam 202 rtsp:// /CH001.sdp 8554
caw120 rtsp:// /CH001.sdp 554
cb 220 rtsp:// /CH001.sdp 8554
CB120 rtsp:// /CH001.sdp 554
CB120 rtsp:// /CH002.sdp 8554
CBW220 rtsp:// /CH001.sdp 554
CBW220 rtsp:// PSIA/Streaming/channels/1?videoCodecType=MPEG4 554
CSP http:// /axis-cgi/mjpg/video.cgi 80
Cube rtsp:// /CH001.sdp 554
Cube220 rtsp:// /CH002.sdp 554
domo rtsp:// /CH002.sdp 8554
DOMO rtsp:// /CH001.sdp 8554
DS-2CD2432F rtsp:// /CH001.sdp 8554
DS-2CD63C2F-IVS rtsp:// /CH001.sdp 8554
EBD2702 rtsp:// /CH002.sdp 554
ebd4700 rtsp:// CH00[CHANNEL].sdp 554
EBL 1100 2F rtsp:// /CH002.sdp 554
EBL 1100 2F rtsp:// /CH001.sdp 554
EBL-1100 2F rtsp:// /CH001.sdp 8554
EBL 2100 rtsp:// /CH001.sdp 8554
EBL 2100 rtsp:// /CH002.sdp 8554
EBL 2100E rtsp:// /CH002.sdp 8554
EBL1100 rtsp:// /CH002.sdp 8554
EBL1100 rtsp:// /CH001.sdp 8554
EBL1100F rtsp:// /CH001.sdp 8554
EBX1100 rtsp:// /CH001.sdp 8554
EDF1100 rtsp:// /CH001.sdp 8554
edr2001-of rtsp:// /CH001.sdp 8554
EFD1100 rtsp:// /CH001.sdp 8554
EVD3100 rtsp:// /CH001.sdp 8554
FD120 rtsp:// /CH001.sdp 554
FD-2500 rtsp:// /CH001.sdp 554
FE520 rtsp:// /CH002.sdp 8554
FER521 rtsp:// /CH001.sdp 554
ffi rtsp:// /CH001.sdp 8554
fish rtsp:// /CH001.sdp 8554
fisheye rtsp:// /CH001.sdp 554
Fisheye 3mp rtsp:// /CH002.sdp 8554
Front Dopor rtsp:// /CH001.sdp 554
geen rtsp:// /CH002.sdp 8554
gv CAMERA rtsp:// /Streaming/Channels/1 554
GV Camera rtsp:// /CH001.sdp 554
GV Camera http:// dms.jpg 80
GV Camera http:// cgi-bin/getimage 80
GV Camera http:// GetImage.cgi 80
GV Camera rtsp:// PSIA/Streaming/channels/1?videoCodecType=MPEG4 554
GV Camera rtsp:// CH00[CHANNEL].sdp 554
gv cb220 rtsp:// /CH001.sdp 8554
GV CB220 rtsp:// /CH002.sdp 8554
GV_CB220 rtsp:// /CH001.sdp 554
GV EBX1100 rtsp:// /CH001.sdp 554
GV FE rtsp:// /CH001.sdp 8554
GV_FD2400 rtsp:// /CH002.sdp 554
GV=EBL 1100-1f rtsp:// /CH001.sdp 8554
gv-1100-2f rtsp:// /CH001.sdp 8554
gv-1300 rtsp:// /CH001.sdp 8554
GV-1480 http:// cgi-bin/getimage 80
GV1500 rtsp:// /CH001.sdp 554
gv220 rtsp:// /CH001.sdp 554
GV2500 rtsp:// /CH001.sdp 554
GV320 rtsp:// PSIA/Streaming/channels/1?videoCodecType=MPEG4 554

1 2 3

Other manufacturers starting with G

G G180 G4direct Gadnic Gadspot Gaines Dvr Galaxy Galaxy Note 3 Galaxy Note3 Galaxy Phone Galaxy S3 Galaxy S4 Galpon Ganvis Ganz Gate Gateway Gateway Security Gato Gawell Gbo Ge Gecko Security Gedthry Geecam Geecamvnt Geeya Gembird Gemtek Gen Genbolt General Generic Genie Genius Geniv Genrui Genuine Geo Geovision Gf-pumps Gid20m-pvir Gifran Giga Gigaeye Gionee Cam Gipcam Giraffe Gi-star Srl Giucam Gkb Glados Cam Glenz Glink Global Global Tech Globeteck Globomotive Gltech Gmini Gnexus Gnomecam Go1984 Go4 Goahead Gocam Goclever Godraj Gogogate Going Goingtech Golbong Goodgo Google Gopro4 Goscam Gotab Gotake Gotme Gq1080p Gqd Grain Grand Grandstream Grandtec Grant Granvista Great Wall Greatek Greentech Greentel Grey Cam Grid Micro Corp. Grisboa Grispos Group Grundig Gsi Gt Road Gt View Gtc Gtec Gts Guangzhou Guard Guardcam Guardian Guardzilla Guudgo Gvfront Gvi Gw Security Gwelltimes Gynoii Gyuk Gzhou Ganz Security

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