Live occupancy monitoring solution for COVID-19

Setup your Easyn IP camera

There are two connection options in Camlytics smart camera software for Windows PC to login and view your Easyn IP camera. Those are automatic discovery (you'll see your camera in our software) and manual discovery (without camera website).

If you cannot find your Easyn CCTV camera in the left section or it isn't working with Camlytics software app, click "Manual" in Discovery section to setup your Easyn cameras with direct RTSP or HTTP stream URL.

Easyn compatible software

You can connect Easyn to Camlytics to add the following video analytics capabilities to your camera:

  • people counter
  • customer counter
  • car & vehicle counting
  • calculate speed
  • occupancy monitoring
  • retail store traffic counter
  • motion detection & alerts
  • tailgating security
Model Protocol Path Port
43566666 http:// tmpfs/auto.jpg 80
4556 http:// tmpfs/auto.jpg 80
46573 http:// snapshot.jpg?user=[USERNAME]&pwd=[PASSWORD]&strm=[CHANNEL] 80
4677 http:// tmpfs/auto.jpg 80
546 rtsp:// /11 554
546577 http:// tmpfs/auto.jpg 80
56677 http:// tmpfs/auto.jpg 80
613a http:// videostream.asf?user=[USERNAME]&pwd=[PASSWORD]&resolution=[WIDTH]x[HEIGHT] 80
613A http:// videostream.asf?user=[USERNAME]&pwd=[PASSWORD]&resolution=64&rate=0 80
613A http:// tmpfs/auto.jpg 80
613A http:// snapshot.cgi?camera=[CHANNEL] 80
613A http:// snapshot.jpg?user=[USERNAME]&pwd=[PASSWORD]&strm=[CHANNEL] 80
613A http:// videostream.asf?user=[USERNAME]&pwd=[PASSWORD] 80
613A http:// snapshot.cgi?usr=[USERNAME]&pwd=[PASSWORD] 80
6461 rtsp:// /12 554
677 http:// snapshot.jpg?user=[USERNAME]&pwd=[PASSWORD]&strm=[CHANNEL] 80
678 http:// tmpfs/auto.jpg 80
720P rtsp:// /11 554
720P http:// videostream.asf?user=[USERNAME]&pwd=[PASSWORD]&resolution=64&rate=0 80
720P http:// videostream.cgi?user=[USERNAME]&pwd=[PASSWORD]&resolution=32&rate=0 80
720P http:// tmpfs/auto.jpg 80
960H rtsp:// /11 554
960P http:// tmpfs/auto.jpg 80
a157w http:// tmpfs/auto.jpg 80
A1BF rtsp:// /11 554
AlfieEye5 http:// videostream.asf 80
Baby Monitor http:// tmpfs/auto.jpg 80
Back rtsp:// /11 554
Cambrian-sidedoor http:// videostream.cgi?rate=11 80
camera network http:// videostream.asf?user=[USERNAME]&pwd=[PASSWORD]&resolution=64&rate=0 80
Daz http:// snapshot.cgi?user=[USERNAME]&pwd=[PASSWORD] 80
DBNetCam6 http:// videostream.asf?user=[USERNAME]&pwd=[PASSWORD]&resolution=[WIDTH]*[HEIGHT] 80
dssf http:// tmpfs/auto.jpg 80
E001 rtsp:// /11 554
e345 http:// tmpfs/auto.jpg 80
EasyN F-M1BF http:// snapshot.jpg?user=[USERNAME]&pwd=[PASSWORD]&strm=[CHANNEL] 80
EasyN H3-P1D3 rtsp:// /11 554
EASYN H3-P1D3 http:// tmpfs/auto.jpg 80
EasyN HS-691 http:// videostream.asf?user=[USERNAME]&pwd=[PASSWORD]&resolution=[WIDTH]x[HEIGHT] 80
EasyN HS-691 http:// videostream.asf?user=[USERNAME]&pwd=[PASSWORD]&resolution=64&rate=0 80
EasyN HS-691 rtsp:// /11 554
EasyN HS-691 http:// snap.jpg?JpegSize=XL 80
EasyN HS-691 http:// snap.jpg?JpegCam=[CHANNEL] 80
EasyN HS-691 http:// snap.jpg 80
EasyN HS-691 http:// videostream.cgi 80
EasyN HS-691 http:// /iphone/11?[USERNAME]:[PASSWORD]& 80
EasyN HS-691 http:// videostream.cgi?user=[USERNAME]&pwd=[PASSWORD] 80
EASYN HS-691 http:// videostream.asf 81
EASYN HS-691 http:// tmpfs/auto.jpg 80
EasyN HS-691 A105 http:// videostream.asf?user=[USERNAME]&pwd=[PASSWORD] 80
EASYN HS-691 A105 http:// snapshot.jpg?user=[USERNAME]&pwd=[PASSWORD] 80
EASYN HS-691 A105 http:// tmpfs/auto.jpg 80
ELPIDIO http:// videostream.cgi?resolution=8&rate=13 80
ELPIDIO http:// videostream.cgi?rate=11 80
es100v mini http:// tmpfs/auto.jpg 80
ES100V MINI rtsp:// /11 554
est-007660 http:// snapshot.cgi 80
est-007660 http:// snapshot.cgi?user=[USERNAME]&pwd=[PASSWORD]&count=0 80
est-007660-2 http:// videostream.cgi 80
est-007660-3 http:// user/videostream.cgi 80
est-007660333 http:// videostream.cgi?user=[USERNAME]&pwd=[PASSWORD]&resolution=32&rate=0 80
est-007660-611b http:// videostream.cgi?user=[USERNAME]&pwd=[PASSWORD] 80
Ext rtsp:// /12 554
ezcam pan/tilt v2 http:// videostream.asf?user=[USERNAME]&pwd=[PASSWORD]&resolution=[WIDTH]x[HEIGHT] 80
EZCAM PAN/TILT V2 http:// snapshot.cgi?user=[USERNAME]&pwd=[PASSWORD] 80
F http:// videostream.asf?user=[USERNAME]&pwd=[PASSWORD]&resolution=[WIDTH]x[HEIGHT] 80
F http:// videostream.cgi?resolution=8&rate=13 80
F http:// videostream.asf?user=[USERNAME]&pwd=[PASSWORD]&resolution=64&rate=0 80
F http:// videostream.asf?user=[USERNAME]&pwd=[PASSWORD]&resolution=32&rate=0 80
F http:// videostream.asf?usr=[USERNAME]&pwd=[PASSWORD] 80
F http:// videostream.asf 80
F http:// videostream.cgi?rate=11 80
F http:// videostream.cgi? 80
F http:// videostream.cgi?user=[USERNAME]&pwd=[PASSWORD] 80
F http:// videostream.cgi 80
F http:// videostream.asf?user=[USERNAME]&pwd=[PASSWORD] 80
F series http:// videostream.asf?user=[USERNAME]&pwd=[PASSWORD]&resolution=[WIDTH]x[HEIGHT] 80
F series http:// videostream.asf?user=[USERNAME]&pwd=[PASSWORD]&resolution=64&rate=0 80
F series http:// snapshot.cgi? 80
F series http:// snapshot.cgi?user=[USERNAME]&pwd=[PASSWORD] 80
F series http:// videostream.cgi?rate=11 80
F series http:// snapshot.jpg?user=[USERNAME]&pwd=[PASSWORD]&strm=[CHANNEL] 80
F series http:// videostream.asf 80
F series http:// videostream.asf?user=[USERNAME]&pwd=[PASSWORD]&resolution=32&rate=0 80
F series http:// videostream.asf?usr=[USERNAME]&pwd=[PASSWORD] 80
F series http:// snapshot.cgi?user=[USERNAME]&pwd=[PASSWORD]&count=0 80
F series http:// snapshot.jpg?user=[USERNAME]&pwd=[PASSWORD] 80
F series http:// videostream.cgi 80
F series http:// videostream.cgi?usr=[USERNAME]&pwd=[PASSWORD] 80
F series http:// videostream.cgi?rate=0&user=[USERNAME]&pwd=[PASSWORD] 80
F series http:// videostream.asf?user=[USERNAME]&pwd=[PASSWORD] 80
F SERIES http:// videostream.cgi?user=[USERNAME]&pwd=[PASSWORD]&resolution=32 80
F SERIES http:// videostream.cgi?resolution=8&rate=13 80
F SERIES http:// tmpfs/auto.jpg 80
f_series http:// videostream.cgi?user=[USERNAME]&password=[PASSWORD] 80
f_series http:// VIDEO.CGI 80
F_SERIES http:// videostream.cgi? 80
F_SERIES http:// video/mjpg.cgi 80
f-Series http:// snapshot.cgi?usr=[USERNAME]&pwd=[PASSWORD] 80
F-SERIES http:// videostream.cgi?user=[USERNAME]&pwd=[PASSWORD]&resolution=32&rate=0 80

1 2 3 4 5 6 7

Other manufacturers starting with E

E E37--a-xx-14c-00043 Each Eagle Eye Eagle View Eagle Vision Eagleeye Eaglestar Eagleview Eam Eamo East Eastcam Easternccc Easterncctv Eastvision Easy Easy Ip Easy4ip Easycam Easycap Easyn Easyse Easyz Eazydv Ebode Ebw Ecam Echo Star Eclipse Eco Economato Edge Edimax Edss Eescam Eet Ego Egpis Ehea Eickhoff Eigeek Eight Eighteen Eingangscamera Einnov Eitea E-landing Elcom Ele Technology Elec Electriq Elegiant Elinksmart Ip Camera Elisa Elite Elmo E-lock Elp Elp201 Elro Ematic Embedded Net Dvr Emerson Eminent Empire Emstone Encoder10 Encore Endroid Endurance Eneo Engenius Enio Bell Enscam Ensidio Enter Enviewer Envio Envision Enxun Eonboom Eopen Epcam2 Epexis Ephone Epicamera Epine Epson Ernitec Esam Esc Escam E-scan Esecure Esee Esense Esky Esmart Esprit Enhanced Essay Essfly Est Estcctv Esternal Estudio Esunstar Esypop Etc Etcam E-tech Etn Etrovision Etupiha Eu3c Eule Eura-tech Eurotek Eurovideo Eusso Everfocus Eversun Evgeni Evidence E-view Evo3d Evocam Evolution Evonet Evonet-c-vd320ir Ewan Ko Ews1025 Exache Exacqvision Exceed Excelvan Exelon Exotic Life Expert Export Import Global Expose Extel Extend Lan Exterior Extreme Eye Sight Eye Vision Eye01w Eyecam Eyecloud Eyeguard Eyeipcam Eyemax Eyenix Eyeon Eyeonet Eyeplus Eyerely Eyesight Eyesonic Eyespy Eyespy247 Eyesurv Eyetech Eyetelligent Eyevision Eyseo Ezcam Eziviewcctv Ezlink Ezviz Epiphan

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